How my customers rated my service.

I use to have a form here that my customers could complete and submit a review of my services. You can read the ones I received over the years below.

I invite all my customers to provide any and all feedback about your experiences dealing with me. Canada 411 Yellow Pages now provides a service / feature where once you have registered at their site you can provide reviews on businesses. Registration takes less than 2 minutes. If you would like to post a review there or read any reviews that might be there for BITS Of Knowledge, here is the link to my listing.

Please go there to rate and write a review on the job I did for you.

Thank You

On Jul 22 2008 Warren Brooks rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

Dan has helped me get out of messes, mostly of my own doing, for the past 15 years. When all else fails I call Dan. He never fails to "come through". His rates are very reasonable and his honesty is unquestioned. I highly recommend his services.

Warren Brooks

On Apr 04 2008 Kim B rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

As the Administrator of Van Luyk Garden Centre I utilize Dan's services on a regular basis. No matter what my question or problem is Dan takes care of it in a timely manner that is very impressive. He designed and maintains our website, helps with our in-house software issues, maintains our systems and has the best products at the best prices for our needs. He is very quick at responding and always finds the solution to solve the problem. Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Kim B

On May 01 2006 Derek Floyd rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

I have called on Dan several times over the past few years. He returns calls promptly and I have always found him willing to give his time to discuss my computer problems. He has always resolved my issues whether its virus removal, installing new hardware or troubleshooting software. 

His invoices are always much lower than I expect and I recommend his services without reservation.

Derek Floyd

On Sep 26 2004 Gil Graham rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

After a couple hours on the phone and a few emails, Dan built a system best suited for my needs and budget without sacrificing quality and service. I have always received immediate responses to any questions I had. I would recommend giving him a call for your computer needs, his prices are better than the big box stores for the same system and he has better service.

On Apr 12 2002 Bob Badgley rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

If you are looking for an oasis in that computer "desert" out there then I can safely tell you you have come to THE BEST place in the greater London area.I have found no other person like Dan for his reasonable rates,his expertise and above all his honesty.Dan will deal with you in a straightforward manner and NEVER do anything to your system that is not warranted.

In fact he'll even go so far as to suggest things that HE does NOT sell.A prime example is Dan's emphasis on backing up data on your hard drive(s). He recommended to me Powerquests'"Drive Image".I bought it and I can tell you it's one of the best investments that I ever made for my computer. So please if you're looking for the best computer service around look no further because you've already found it.

Thanks Dan.

Bob Badgley

On Dec 02 2001 Art Fish rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

Dan has been my "Computer Guru" for almost 8 years now. Not only have I had the best of help, products and support, I have referred several persons to BOK and they too speak highly of Dan.


On Nov 30 2000 John Read rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

I felt I should add my two cents worth to your comments page Dan. Over the years that I've dealt with you Dan what's most impressed me is your sincere desire to assist with any computer problem I encounter. Many situations have been solved often without payment being made to you. I will continue to refer people to you and your web site for help and product needs. Thanks Dan.

On Oct. 14 2000 Terry Morgan rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

Dan, I never did offer my comments with respect to your assisting me with my problem. I was extremely pleased with your service and the sincere interest you demonstrated in dealing with my problem. Everything appears to be working fine. When I am ready for an upgrade I will certainly be in touch.

On Sept. 13 2000 Bud Michell rated us as excellent and had the following to say.

Speaking as one of DataDan's very satisfied customers, I feel very fortunate to have tied in with BOK and to have Dan as my "Guru" He has helped me out of many," self inflicted in most cases," jams.As I am now thinking of yet another upgrade to my system, I haven't given a second thought to who would be doing the job.Yes, I would recommend BOK to anyone that asked