The purpose of the web package was full service. Other than provide content I do all the work. If a person wants to do it themselves, I can create an FTP account and yes you can update the contents of your website yourself.
I'd be happy to do that for you. I can take the information from the existing pages you have and add any new content you want.

It should only take two to three hours to do and my rates are $28.00 per hour

When I'm done you can either provide the login information to post it on your site or I can send you the files and you post them yourself.
There are companies that sell the service of SEO. When I design your website I try to get a good descripton and keywords in it to help make it easier for your website to be found.

There are numerous things that affect your rankings and where you will be found. You also need to remember that if your service for example is bookkeeping, you aren't the only bookkeeper with a website with the keyword "bookkeeping".

For some strange reason I've also discovered recently the exact same search in Google using Internet Explorer and Firefox returns results in a different order. It has me really scratching my head why the exact same search done with the same search engine within 2 seconds returns the same number of results but in a completely different order.
I use to but I don't any more for my customer's protection. Being a sole proprietor since the domain would be in my account if I passed away it would cause the domain not to get renewed and the customer would risk loosing it or paying a lot of money to get it into their name. For that reason I no longer register domain names for customers and have been getting existing domains transferred over to the business owner.

You can register your domain through any domain registrar and I can still host your website. It just requires pointing your domain to my hosting which I can walk you through over the phone.

I recommend GoDaddy since I'm already with them which makes things real easy and they provide excellent support if you ever need it.

Note: If you create an account and register a domain through GoDaddy but want me to host your website, DO NOT buy a hosting plan.

Yes I do. Give me a call at 519-681-2555 or email me at with what you are looking for. I will let you know if it is something I can do and will give you a firm quote along with a time frame of completion.
I charge $64.00 a year to host a website consisting of html pages and pdf files etc. If hosting a website that requires a MySQL database I charge $95.00 (that includes the $64.00 basic charge) a year.

What requires a MySQL database? Most scripts or programs that allows the user to update or store information via the website.