About BITS Of Knowledge

BITS Of Knowledge began business on March 5th 1993. Privately owned and operated by Dan Westlake and is located at 796 Dundalk Dr. London, ON. 

My first computer was a laptop as an insurance agent with The Prudential in 1989 which was an XT with DOS 3.21 and a 20 MB Hard Drive for $3495.00. Not knowing anything about computers I learned by reading the DOS manual and trial and error (school of hard knocks). After being an insurance agent for 16 years I left the profession in 1993 and John Read, a manager suggested I perhaps start a business teaching people how to use computers since there appeared to be a demand.

First I had to come up with a name. I had computer knowledge and since ads in the Yellow Pages were listed alphabetically I wanted something that would be catchy, near the beginning and had something to do with computers. I submitted my resume to Fanshawe College and instructed numerous computer courses from 1993 to 2002. The BITS Of Knowledge BBS started on July 1st 1993. From the time the BBS was running until it was moved to it's current location on the Internet in 1997 we had received over 97,000 calls into the system from 2 dial up lines so you can tell we were quite popular. :-)

Type of work I do.

Website Design and Hosting: I'm your inexpensive alternative in this area. I couldn't believe what some people were paying for some of this. I believe some sites are down right overkill and a nightmare to find what you are looking for.

About the website.

While I try to make my site attractive, my main concern is it's speed so you won't find a lot of fancy graphics or sounds. You'll also notice it is void of advertising. 

My Website Projects

London Area Business Directory

Most customers deal with local businesses. I do use Google and it can be great, it can also be a real nightmare for finding businesses. London Area Business Directory is for businesses within the local calling are of London Ontario to advertise.

Launched 12/16/2010

Everything For Seniors Directory

At the time of me writing this I'm 56 and my mother is age 82 living in her own home. My wife is 53 and her parents are in their eighties living in their own home. I take my mom to her hair appointment each Wednesday morning, her doctor appointments, get her groceries and take out her garbage. I don't mind, she looked after me for many years.

It started with trying to find someone to come in and clean weekly. It was a nightmare trying to find services in the search engines and a lot of ads in YellowPages didn't provide details. Mom lives on her own but that might need to change.

As I searched the net I was getting frustrated bouncing all over the place and I know what I'm doing. While discussing it with others we all agreed it was a problem. I thought of the solution of creating the Everything For Seniors Directory from the perspective of the site visitor finding what they need and the businesses offering their products and services for seniors.

Launched 11/10/2013