Website Design and Bookkeeping Services since 1993 in London Ontario Canada

I work closely with you to make sure your Website, online or Internet marketing works effectively to advertise your business and web site to drive traffic and sales your way.

In addition to offline marketing such as flyers, paper, radio and tv advertising pretty well every business uses online or Internet marketing to advertise. It's a maze out there when it comes to online marketing on the Internet! Pretty well every business has a web site to give them an Internet presence but it may not be enough.

There are many business related directories with business listings including Google Business, is your business listed on Google maps?

More and more people searching the Internet are using mobile devices, is your web site mobile friendly? If it isn't then your marketing isn't as effective because Google gives higher ranking to mobile friendly sites when mobile devices are used. I can help you make your web site mobile friendly.

Many businesses have a Facebook page, do you? If you do, how is it working for you?

Do you have a News Letter? Should you?

Do you use Google Adwords? Should you?

Do you use Google Analytics? Do you know where the traffic is coming from and how long they are staying at your web site?

Are you using Google's Webmaster tools so you know how your web site is doing in searches?

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Mobile Friendly Web Site

On April 21, 2015 Google changed their algoritum to give mobile friendly web sites higher ranking in search results when searches were done using a mobile device.

You can read about it here.

You can test your own site using this link here.

If your web site isn't mobile friendly, please contact me about updating your web site to be mobile friendly, it isn't very expensive to do.

For more information and examples of the websites I do, visit Frugal Websites which is by BITS Of Knowledge.

Social Media

Do you have a Facebook page? Not everyone is big on Facebook while others utilize it as an advertising source. Many find it a very effective way to post updates regarding their business and to interact with their customers.

News Letter

Many businesses find having a news letter that their customers can sign up for provides a great opportunity for them to keep in contact with their customers providing special offers and discounts.

Did you know you can set up a mailing list for your customers at little to no cost that allows customers and site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter? Since they have to subscribe using a double opt in method it meets the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation.

Contact me and I'll explain the details help you set it up.

Bookkeeping Services

Computer programs today make bookkeeping much easier than it was many years ago. That being said, many prefer a bookkeeper to provide bookkeeping services.

I have used Simply Accounting which is now known as Sage since I started in 1993. I'm highly proficient and anal about taking my time to make sure things are done properly. I also work closely with your accountant for any areas where their expertise and input is required.


Yes I handle GST / HST
Yes I handle payroll and source
Yes I handle bank reconciliation
Yes I'm familiar with General Journal entries
Yes I'm familiar with T4's